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NEW video clips of KIRE!

Chek'em out! click here.

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Video clips:
1, 2, 3

Zuti form Vlae!!

New profile - Zuti form Vlae. Check him out...



Zdr na site,ovoa so go gledate e shuffle sesijata u shitparko u kocani,ispadna chisto slucajno da praveme stafeli.Prvo kako i obicno si pravevme grindovi ama koa izvadi panoramix(gegzo) toxino(waxata) so si ja napravil doma po nekoj negov taen recept go namackavme shitpipo i ispadna deka nogu lizga i ni stana nogu interesno pa site si gi iskinavme alistata a isto i soul platovite ni ostanaa na pipo.
Pozdrav od sk8team Skaranga-Kocani!!!



Video Clip... You must see this!

This clip explains why rollerblading is gay. To download this clip you need to click with your mouse here and click on Save Target As..


Vienna Prater Skate Session
... >>>
By Gorast & Boki. 

NeW iMageS offfff Velez Sk8 Creww!!!
Some new images of Martin and one of BAze.
Hulaa, Sk8 ta

12.05.2004 New images of Haker!

New images of Haker
. Take a look at them...

30.04.2004 New images of Busav!
New images of Goran photographed by Dan Bozinovski. Take a look at them...

08.04.2004 - Images & Video clipS!

New images & videoclips of Goran (01, 02, 03, 05), Igor 04, Marko 01. Photographed by two photographers: Dimitar Lazarevski & Dan Bozinovski. + Images of the handrail in fornt of the preliminary school Goce Delcev, and the handrails in fornt of the police station in Crnice.
Until next time....

06.04.2004 - Images!
Two new images of Baze - Veles. click here...

19.03.2004 - Video clip
New video clip of Ace - Ohrid.

17.03.2004 Links!

Links to other inline sites. Click here...


03.03.2004 Skaters in VeleS!!

NEw skater fro VeleS! Check him out... + two new images & videoclips of Viktor and Busav.


01.03.2004 Skatespots in Bitola & Veles!

Finnaly skatespots of Bitola (New Bitola, Musical School & Technical School ) as well as new skatespots in Veles (Downtown, Fountain & Penzionersko)!


26.01.2004 - New images!
 Sk8 Crew feat.
Two new images in the Gallery + one new image of Baze - Veles!
Sent by : Baze - Veles!

19.01.2004 - NEW imaGes and vidEo cLips!
270 backslide
NEW images of Baze and video clips of Viktor - Veles & Aco - Ohrid!

16.01.2004 - Contests!

Images form the contest in Bulgaria 2003. Click here!

12.01.2004 - Skaters!

New skater form Veles: Blagoj + some new photos and clips of Aco and Gjure from Ohrid.

09.01.2004 -Places to skate in Ohrid - city of UNESCO!

Places to skate in Ohrid. Only text for now, images are coming soon...

07.01.2004 - New images & video clips!


New images and video clips of Aco.

28.12.2003 - Letters!

holla mk rolla

e shta se radi ?
I'm not sure if you understand Serbian so I'm going to write on English.
'sup Macedonian skaters? My name is Slobodan Markovic and I'm rollerblader
from Belgrade, Serbia.
I was just surfing around net and found your page... I must tell you that
you run pretty good page. I hope you'll have more pictures and videos in
near future and hmm maybe some days we could organize some tours for you
guys to visit us and I think I have some relatives in Skoplje so it could be
perfect time to visit old relatives :] so keep in touch guys...
if your using ICQ u cna find me on 43407471 or MSN


Serbian rolling

26.12.2003 - New skaters and skatespots form Macedonia!

New skaters added: Bitola (Mims, Marus & Slatkar), Veles (Viktor), Ohrid (Ace) and Skopje (Kire) plus new skatespots in Veles and Kocani.

13.12.2003 - Rade on
Check out Rade Kochovski at the extreme sports site Royale in MKD (feature Pic).

24.11.2003 - New skatespot in Skopje!
New skatespot in the skatespots section. Technical Faculty handrails. Click here for images.

23.11.2003 Vlae skate session - 22 November 2003!
In Saturday we all gathered up in the Skate Park and went to skate in Porta Vlae. It was great. We were grinding handrails, grinding edges, rails, and doing shit over stairs and we recorded everything on camera. Everything went well till the end when Ace crashed and got himself 2 stiches and now he will be resting until they are out. Check out some new images in the gallery as well as some new video clips of Igor, Marko, Goran & Bojan.

18.11.2003 Video clips are coming to our website.
Download and watch the video clips of Ace, Bojan, Marko, Goran & Rade. More are coming up in the future. Also, we would like to announce that our first inline skate video will be released soon!

14.11.2003 - It's not just better, it's online - IN-LINE SKATE in Macedonia!
Well we finally finished making the web site for in-line skating in Macedonia. On this site you will find all sort of information about the in-line skating at our homeland. So that's for now and i hope you'll enjoy this site and we promise that in the future it will be better cus it will have more and better pictures and clips. Just to mention that this site will be updated as often as possible.



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